Top 3 Phone Repair Hacks To Save You Money

written by: liliank Owning a smartphone comes with plenty of responsibilities. This is a type of phone that requires a lot of care considering its fragility. Though they come with amazing features, they are also prone to damages if they are poorly handled. If mishandled, smartphones can have a very short lifespan. A small fall can ruin the phone completely. Some of the damages are repairable, but it will cost you a lot of money. But do you know that you can actually save hundreds of dollars by doing some of the repairs? If the phone does not have an insurance cover or warranty, some repairs may not require an expert. Here are some of the common phone repairs that you can self-repair.

1. Fixing a Cracked Screen
Breaking screens is one of the biggest problems with smartphones. As a matter of fact, 50% of the smartphones’ owners have their devices cracked at least once. It is also estimated that 21 percent of the smartphone’s owners are walking around with cracked screens every day. High replacement cost is the reason why many are reluctant to replace their broken screen, but you can save a few dollars if self-repair.
How to repair: If the display is fused to the glass, replacing the screen with a new one would be the best way to repair it. All you need is to carry your phone to the phone accessory store and buy a screen that is compatible with your phone. In most cases, you will find identical screens from phone’s manufacturer. Just remove the broken screen and have it replaced with the new one. Make sure that the sensor cord strap is well connected to the motherboard for the new screen to work.

How to repair the glass: If the display is not fused to the glass, replacing the glass by itself will be much easier and cheaper. For some small damages on the screen, sugru rubber has been found to work very well. A screen protector will also be a great solution if you cannot fix the problem right way particularly if only the glass was broken.

2. Headphone Jack Repair
This is another annoying problem with smartphones particularly to those who spend most of their time listening to music. At some point, the headphone will start going on and off due to a faulty headphone jack. The frequent movement of the headphones could be the main cause of this problem, but you don’t need an expert to have it repaired.
How to repair: First, it is important to note that the headphone jacks are relatively cheap and easy to replace. You need to open up your device to access the headphone jacks. In all smartphones, the headphone jack is directly plugged into the motherboard, and it can easily be identified. Use the solder gun to unplug it and plug the new one. It will only take you a few minutes if you have the necessary tools.

If the headphone jack is not severely damaged, you can try to rearrange its contacts to have it repaired. Deposits of dust and particles could be another reason why your headphones are not working. Cleaning them off the headphone jacks can sort out the problem.

3. Camera Repair and Replacement
As your phone ages, the quality of pictures and videos will keep on deteriorating. This does not mean you through away the entire phone for one with top quality captions. Camera replacement could what you need. The glass covering the screen may have been broken as a result of a fall. These are repairs that you can do by yourself.
How to replace a Camera lens: you need to open up the phone to access the interior of the phone to access the camera. The rear camera is the easiest to replace since it’s mostly attached to the motherboard via a cord strap. You need to shop for a new camera or extract it from an old phone if it is compatible. You only need to remove the old camera and fix the new one in place. With only a cord strap to connect it to the motherboard, it will take you a few hours.

How to repair a cracked glass: If the cracking of the glass is the only problem, you would not need to remove the camera to have it prepared. You can fix it from the outside.

These are some of the main smartphone problems and how you can fix them by yourself. If are equipped with the necessary tools for the work, you can do it. The processes are very simple for anyone to follow and you will find yourself saving a lot of money out of these self-repairs.



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